About Membership

  1. Membership: Members shall be general members, founder members, life members and honorary members.
    1. General members: Any doctor possessing postgraduate qualification in rheumatology, internal medicine, physical medicine, orthopedics, pediatrics and epidemiology duly registrable by Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council and having adequate exposure to and/or publication in the field of rheumatology will be eligible for general membership. Application for such membership should be proposed by two general, life or founder members and finally approved by the Executive Committee.
    2. Founder members: Those who were present in the first convening meeting of the society shall be considered as founder members.
    3. Life members: Those eligible for general and founder membership may also become a life member after fulfilling the criteria mentioned in article no. 6.1.
    4. Honorary members: Distinguished persons who have rendered notable service to the society or to the advancement of rheumatology, may, on the recommendation of the Executive Committee, be elected honorary members by a majority at a General Meeting.
  2. The privileges of the members:
    1. To attend the society’s meetings
    2. To receive publications, communications and proceedings of the society, if any
    3. To exercise voting right and to contest for office at the executive body (this clause is applicable to general, founder and life members)
    4. Honorary members shall enjoy all the privileges of the general members except a vote at meetings and eligibility for office.
  3. Subscription:
    1. Members shall pay an annual subscription of taka 500/- and taka 5000/- (for life members) payable in advance on or before the first of January each year. Members admitted during any part of the year shall pay the full annual subscription for that year. Members who have not paid their subscription for two consecutive years shall cease to be members until the subscription has been paid.
    2. Honorary members shall pay no subscription.

Who can apply?
1. Physician or Surgeon only (National/International)
2. Having post graduation (FCPS/MRCP/MD/MS) in the field of Medicine, and Orthopedics
3. Two published articles in the field of rheumatology