Research Grant

Guidelines for the research grant of Bangladesh Rheumatology Society (BRS)

Following are the criteria need to be fulfilled by the applicants for getting research grant of BRS
1. Who can apply:

a. Eligibility Criteria: Any BMDC registered medical graduate contemplating research work in the field of rheumatology
b. Priority Criteria:

i. Candidates doing research work for partial fulfillment of requirements for a post graduate qualification
ii. Life members of BRS
iii. Candidates who attended at least one conference of BRS as a registered participant

2. Notification:

a) A circular to be given among the life-members of BRS within first fort night of the month of July each year
b) Application with project proposal should have to submit in the office of the General Secretary of BRS within one month (16 July – 15th August) after the date of circular
c) Review committee will submit report to the General Secretary of BRS within 16th August to 15th September
d) Fund disbursement within 16th September to 30th September

3. Fund;

a) 100,000 taka (One lac taka only) in each year
b) Yearly not more than two proposal will get opportunity
c) Only the means of chaque will be the mode of fund disbursement

4. Protocol structure:

a. Proposal summary
b. Informed written consent form both in English and Bengali
c. Protocol Proper

1. Abstract
i. Introduction with background
ii. Rationale
iii. Research Question
iv. Hypothesis if relevant
v. Objectives
vi. Methodology (where applicable the following parts of methodology should be noted):

a) Study design
b) Study population
c) Inclusion criteria
d) Exclusion criteria
e) Data sources
f) Variables with definition
g) Sample size
h) Statistical analysis
i) Quality control:

1. On-site source data verification
2. Check of completed study material
3. Central data entry with a double entry for key measures
4. Intermediary analysis for data quality check
5. Record retention
6. Strengths of the research methods

vii. Ethical issue
viii. Quality assurance
ix. Utilization of the study results
x. Budget
xi. Time-table
xii. References
xiii. Ethical Clearance certificate from IRB, Ethical committee of Institution/BMRC

d) Acceptance of the protocol: It will be decided by the selection committee and approved by the Executive Committee of BRS. BRS deserve every right either to accept or reject any proposal without giving any reason.