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Rules of Submission in Bangladesh Journal

Rules for submission in Bangladesh Journal of Rheumatic and immunologic Diseases

  • Materials considered to be published in Bangladesh journal of Rheumatic and immunologic diseases
    • Editorial
    • Review
    • Original article
    • Case report
    • Comment
    • Clinical image
  • Material criterion
    • Editorial
      • Description: editorial is naturally commissioned but comments on a paper, or report/event in the recent past are welcome. Word count preferably1200 words excluding abstract, table and references. For editorial maximum three tables/figures and maximum 25 references.
    • Review
      • Description: it should be interesting and related to medical professionals and should manifest the overview of the topic subjected to rheumatologic and immunologic diseases preferably update on current interest within 5000 words excluding abstract, table and references.
    • Original article
      • Description: it should be original work, or systemic review or guidelines of scientific societies or bodies representing rheumatology and immunological interest within 4000 words excluding abstract, tables and references.
      • Abstract should be within 250 words.
      • Headings should contain aim, methods, results and conclusion.
      • Original article may have 6 tables or figures and 50 references.
    • Case report
      • Description: case report need to introduce the topics new and should have a novel message or an innovative theory or procedure with a novel insights of the author.
      • Case report should be within 1500 words sparing abstracts, illustration, tables and references
      • Abstracts should be within 200 words and should contain 3 table or figures and references need to be less than 20.
    • Comment
      • Description: it should be on recent published article of Bangladesh Journal of Rheumatic and immunologic diseases. This correspondence will be delivered to Author of that article and the author will be given the opportunity to answer the comment.
      • Word count should be not more than 1000. May contain one table or figure and reference number should be less than 5.
    • Clinical image:
      • It should be from clinicians experience from day to day practices.
      • Word count should be within 200 words maximum.
      • Maximum two images and in jpeg formet with 300dpi
      • It should contain mystery or riddle with answer in next section.
    • Submit an Article
      • Authorship: Every author need participation sufficiently
      • Authors should fulfill all three criteria below
        • Substantial contribution to conception and design, execution, or analysis and interpretation of Data.
        • Drafting the article and revising it critically and
        • Reading and approval the final version
      • Submission: On initial submission the submitting author will be asked to submit the email and country of origin
  1. Title Page
  2. content: Short message incorporating the principal key words without abbreviations
  • Brief running title not more than 50 letters;
  1. Full names of the contributing authors;
  2. Author’s present address and affiliation where study was conducted
  3. Acknowledgments.

Manuscripts should be uniform and need to follow the requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals. International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. JAMA. 1997 Mar 19;277(11):927-34. Erratum in: JAMA 1998 Feb 18;279(7):510. PMID: 9062335.

  • Spelling should follow the latest edition of Merriam–Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.
  • Abbreviations use should be limited and only repetition of long, technical terms can be abbreviated. First time the word to be written in full, then abbreviation within parentheses. The abbreviation should be repeated thereafter.
  • Generic names of Drugs preferred, not by brand names.
  • Microsoft Word, Doubled-spaced is preferred to prepare the main text file.
  • Margins should be 30 mm (top, bottom and side)
  • Indentation of each paragraph is needed.

The main text file should be prepared in Microsoft Word and it should contain.

  • Abstract should be structured (introduction/methods/results/conclusion) and it should be in between 250 words
  • Keywords can be as many as 6.
  • Main body: it should contain introduction, materials & methods, results, discussion, conclusion, limitation and future research
  • References should be written in Vancouver style
  • Each tables should be complete with title and footnotes.
  • Figure legends should be written appropriately to explain the figure correctly and that should be supplied as a complete list in the text.
  • Upload the Figures as separate files.

Reference Style




Journal Article


Electronic source



Halpern SD, Ubel PA, Caplan AL. Solidorgan transplantation in HIV-infected patients. N Engl J Med. 2002 Jul 25;347(4):284–7.

Murray PR, Rosenthal KS, Kobayashi GS, Pfaller MA. Medical microbiology. 4th ed. St. Louis: Mosby; 2002.

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  • Figures and Supporting Information
    • Figures, supporting information, and appendices should be supplied as separate files. Line art like graphs, flowcharts, diagrams, scatter plots alone or in combination with images should be uploaded as PDF format.
    • Images like photographs, drawings, imaging systems such as Xray, ultrasound image, MRI, CT and other graphics should be uploaded in PNG format.
  • Peer Review

    • Journal model followed peer review system.
    • Papers will only be sent to review if the Editor-in-Chief determines that the paper meets the appropriate quality and relevance requirements.
    • In-house submissions, i.e. papers authored by Editors or Editorial Board members of the title, will be sent to Editors unaffiliated with the author or institution and monitored carefully to ensure there is no peer review bias.
    • Editor-in-Chief or editorial office will determine the urgent publication and accelerated review process
    • Editorial Board Members who submit manuscripts will be blinded in the peer review process and they will be excluded from decision-making process on their own work.
  • Funding: Author should list all funding sources
  • Research Ethics
  • Journal encourage to submit article through submission portal. To submit Authors have to registrar for submission and have to log in to the submission portal for communication to finalize the submission process.
  • Copyright and licensing
  • Process fee
  • DOI charge

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